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TOKYO FREIGHT SERVICES W.L.LManagement is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard on matters about the safety and health of human life and the environment at the workplace.

We will continually strive to ensure normal/emergency operations on HSE compliance and hazards prevention plans are implemented by adopting the following policies:

  • Safeguard the safety and health of every employee and all persons lawfully present at the workplace and each to correspondingly accept their duty to exercise care and responsibility to themselves and their fellow workers.
  • Take all necessary measures to ensure that every employee and all persons lawfully at the workplace understand and comply with their responsibility to protect the environment.
  • Comply with all national applicable laws, acts, regulations, and permit conditions as a minimum standard for its health and safety practices and management procedures for operations. And by extensions where applicable, to other countries where we conduct business.
  • Train and provide information, to reduce risks to employees and others due to poor practices by enhancing the proper handling of equipment and materials.
  • Identify, prevent, eliminate, and/or control all hazards.
  • Prevent any improper conduct or behavior that will likely put the safety, health, and welfare of employees and other persons lawfully at the workplace at risk.
  • Provide personal protective clothing and equipment where necessary.
  • Establish communication for resolutions of concerns for correcting and improving the quality of safety and health.
  • Hold regular safety audits and inspections to assess the HSE performance.
  • Document and periodically review all occupational HSE procedures and practices.
  • Assess environmental performance and update improvement strategies to safeguard the environment.
  • Provide and maintain effective routes of consultation and participation, as well as open communication channels with our employees and others who are affected by this policy.

In HSE Performance, Employees, Properties and Environment Protection are the highest priorities in Tokyo Freight Services WLL.

This Policy is reviewed at least once a year by the Management of Tokyo Freight Services, updated, when necessary, communicated to our employees and customers, and made accessible to our staff as part of our Integrated Management System requirements.